Tacit Maths

Tacit Maths is a product that is currently in production, aimed at improving the learning, understanding and study techniques of Leaving Cert Students.


If you know of anyone who might be interested in testing this product before the 2018 Leaving Cert then either email me on diarmuid@tacitlearning.com

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Trigonometry is a key part of Paper II in the Leaving Cert. This course goes through all the core "tools" of Trigonometry, and more importantly: How to apply them.



1. Intro to Trigonometry

2. Pythagoras' Theorem.

3. Trigonometric Ratios

4. Using Ratios to solve problems

5. Finding the Angle

6. The Sine Rule

7. The Cosine Rule

8. The Area of a Triangle

9. Applying the "tools", and Leaving Cert questions

This course explains the basics of functions, and goes into detail on what the connection is between functions and their graphs.



1. Intro to Functions & Graphs

2. Inputs and Outputs

3. Points on a Function

4. Points on a Graph

5. Roots of a Function

6. Range of Values for x

7. Shape of a Function

8. Interesting Features of Graphs.

Quadratics are a key part of many Leaving Cert chapters, yet many students have difficulty in how to approach them.



1. Identifying a Quadratic

2. Factorising by Grouping

3. Factorising a Quadratic

4. Solving a Quadratic

5. Quadratics in Different Formats

6. The "-b" Formula

7. Applications of Quadratics

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This course covers three key components of the Arithmetic Chapter.



1. Percentages Recap

2. Income Tax and USC

3. Compound Interest.

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We hope to have the Complex Numbers module rolled out for testing by March.